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Ok, so what does that dang word mean? We all hear it in relation to food and life. Must be organic so it is healthy. Right or wrong? Fact or whack? Myth? Let's get to the substance and pith of this one. 


What is the definition, firstly? Let's get that dictionary out, right? 

Not using artificial chemicals. Ok that helps but is it the best? Well yes and no. Artificial as you would have it can often help but you just need to be careful. There is no one size fits all approach. 

Here are the benefits of this fine product: 

  1. RICH: An organic, nutrient-rich herbal facial toner
  2. SYNERGISTIC: Contains 18 organic herbs that act synergistically to reduce pores & perfect skin
  3. SICILIAN LEMONS: Infused with fresh extract of Sicilian lemons for lifting & toning action
  4. ANTI THE GARBAGE: Provides soothing, anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties
  5. HYDRATOR: Re-hydrates & prepares skin for moisturisation
  6. REFRESH: Leaves skin plump, refreshed & revitalized
  7. FOR YOUR NORMAL FOLKS: Ideal for normal & combination skin
  8. FREE OF PRESERVATIVES: Free of artificial preservatives, fragrances & colorants

Ok breaking it down for you. These products from the eponymous The Organic Pharmacy are rich in nutrients, using herbs that work harmoniously, copping products from Sicily, fighting the diseases and refreshing you normal folks. 

So before you buy, was that not fun? Instead of reading that damn small print. 

Sprint...well no you don't need to because you are...



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