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Tree growth in coastal rainforests is limited by the availability of the element nitrogen. Gardeners can tell you that fish fertilizer is a potent and effective way to increase the health and size of your garden plants, and the same goes for these trees. The fish left behind by the bears are packed with nitrogen, which fertilizes the trees and helps them grow to their impressive size. It sounds simple, yet the science behind it is almost as fascinating as the process itself. Several years ago, scientists, led by University of Victoria tracked uptake of nitrogen from salmon in coastal forests. They did this by following the nitrogen isotope 15, which is found almost exclusively in marine environments. It turns out that the great trees of coastal temperate rainforests—such as the western red cedar—owe a good deal of their girth to the tsunami of nutrients carried from the ocean by salmon, then into the forest by the bears. 

Just as the Pacific Ocean does not end at its shores, the salmon forest does not end at the edge of the wood. You can find it in the birds flying by your window, in the two-by-fours that hold up your home, and in the breath you just took. Just like trees, water, and grass, your skin is part of nature, and can be best optimized for by other natural products.

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