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So do you sleep in the nude or lick to be all bundled up? It says a lot about personality but we are not trippin or thinking of that. But how does it affect your overall health? How about natural balance of your body temperature. 


We know that you love points so you can focus on the important ish and get back to well sleeping...in the nude that is. 


  1. Improves sleep; 
  2. Prevents bacteria; 
  3. Promotes weight loss;
  4. Feeling more frisky; 
  5. Boosts the energy; 
  6. Reduces pain; and 
  7. Improves skin 

Ok, is that is not good enough, then focus on the fact you need to buy less clothes and underwear. No more pajamas. You are an adult!?

Check out these makeup brands that rock in the nude. 

Also, check out Kouros Silver from YSL as that will get the ladies thinking more about coming to you in the nude. 

So don't just skip that line, leapfrog it and get your shine on so you can get back in bed with your fave person. 


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